Wooden Windows

While choosing wooden windows for your new home or office, several factors should be considered. Selecting the right windows for a new space may not be the most exciting decision, but this decision can really affect your home and working space as well as your overall wellbeing. Believe it or not, new wooden windows can actually lower stress levels, we will go into that a little later in the article.

You can choose wooden windows based on different characteristics such as durability, appearance, insulation, acoustic values, security, and glazing options.

If you’re looking for windows that are better for the environment and give off cozy vibes for your new home, wooden windows are definitely for you. Keep reading further to find out whether or not wooden windows are ideal for your new space.

Wooden Window Prices

The pricing of wooden windows is based on three different factors; the dimensions, the type of window, and specification of glazing. It is important to understand what you’re looking for in a window and the differences in the various types of windows to get an accurate price for your new windows.

Let’s get straight into a pricing chart, wooden windows come mainly in softwood, hardwood, and a new timber called Accoya. A quick word on Accoya, it’s basically Pine thats undergone treatment, a non-toxic acetylation process. It’s documented to last over fifty years which is a serious benefit given window prices are very considerable, many window companies are favouring it so it’s included in the costings.

Wooden Window Prices
Style of window Material Size mm (Width * Height)
Sash Window Softwood 800 * 1600 £1200 – £1500
1000 * 1800 £1400 – £1700
1200 * 2200 £1700 – £2000
Hardwood 800 * 1600 £1400 – £1700
1000 * 1800 £1700 – £2000
1200 * 2200 £2000 – £2300
Casement Window Soft Wood 800 * 1600 £1100 – £1400
1000 * 1800 £1500 – £1700
1200 * 2200 £1800 – £2200
Hardwood 800 * 1600 £1500 – £1800
1000 * 1800 £1800 – £2100
1200 * 2200 £2100 – £2400

You can see the pricing of many wooden windows examples, there are costs for both sash and casement windows depending on the different dimensions available. While a single glazed windows have only one layer of glass, the double glazed has two layers of glass. Use the table provided below to estimate the cost of wooden windows. The prices in this table are for standard energy efficient double glazing which is the most common wooden window installed today.

There are two main types of wooden windows.

Sash windows open vertically within the frame and are more traditional in style. They are good for ventilation, basically, by opening top and bottom a little you can create a vacuum effect. Please take a look at the image below to follow this more clearly:

The other type of window is the casement windows, which generally open by swinging outward by mechanisms of hinges on the frame of the window. These hinges are both durable and smooth in operation, they are a world apart in quality when compared to plastic windows. Here’s an example of a double glazed wooden casement window:


To pick the right style of wooden windows, think about the way you would prefer to open and shut them as well as if you would like easy access for cleaning.

Depending on the operation of the window, you can make it very difficult to clean. The more functioning sash or casements you have, the better the chance of easy cleaning and maintenance over the years to come.

Double glazed wooden windows are the most popular preference among customers that have purchased wooden windows. However, a single glazed window is better for you if you’re in a listed building as you may not be allowed have a double glazed wooden window. Please check before making any decisions with your local council or listed planning officer. Here’s an example of a building with beautiful wooden sash windows and these absolutely cannot be removed.

Now that you are able to estimate the price of wooden windows, it is important to consider all the benefits provided to you implementing wooden windows into your space.

Benefits and considerations of wooden windows

Environmental factors – The wooden material of these windows is more environmentally friendly compared to other windows, such as uPVC windows. Since significantly less energy is used in the production of this material, there is significantly less waste and carbon dioxide being emitted into the environment. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, these windows would be a great choice for you.

Natural insulation – During the winter season, they can keep your home cozy and warm. On warmer months, it has the ability to keep a room cool. Wooden windows are highly preferred among customers for their insulation properties.

Appearance – The appearance of wooden windows can give you a rustic feel or a modern look depending on your preferences of finish. However, they generally provide a classic and traditional look, and give a comfortable feel to any home.

Finishes – The type of colour and finish you pick for your windows can make a huge difference in the appearance. New windows can change the feel of your home. The different shades of wood mahogany, oak and maple all can give anywhere from a more modern to a more traditional vibe.

Durability – Another factor that makes wooden windows a popular choice among customers is their sustainability and durability. Wood generally lasts longer than other materials and is easy to maintain. This property also makes wooden windows more cost efficient in the longer run compared to other types of windows.

Are wooden windows the right choice for you?

If you’re looking for eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable window that provide many benefits, then wooden windows are the right windows for you. Not only is the material long lasting and comes in several finishes, but they also do a great job at keeping your home warm and cozy by insulating and stabilising temperature.

Wooden windows are very cost efficient in the long term and provide real benefits to your home and the environment. For these reasons, wooden windows are a popular pick for families and homes. The only time a wooden window doesn’t make sense, is if your many floors from ground. Tilt and turn work far better in this situation.

Alternatives to wooden windows

After reading about wooden windows and their benefits you feel that they are not the ideal windows for your home or office, then compare take a look into different types of windows. Wooden windows have their limitations, for example, they have no where near the functionality of a tilt and turn window.

There is even the possibility you simply don’t need replacement windows. You might be better to just repair your windows. If you would like to do this then please contact us directly for an individual assessment.

Wood-clad windows are another type of windows that may work for you, they are normally Aluminium backed for extra strength and durability. The wood-clad frame contains vinyl or aluminium which protects the outside of frame of the window.

The outside layer is beneficial for being resistant to the climate and other environmental elements. The inside of the frame gives a similar classic look of a wooden window. Wood-clad windows are similar to wooden windows except are more secure due to their protective outer layer.