Cheap UPVC windows

Cheap uPVC windows- quality doesn’t have to cost the Earth

For most people, the words ‘double glazed windows’ conjure up the image of the white uPVC frames that are a very common site around all parts of the UK.  The reason they are so popular is that they offer excellent value for money easily making double glazing costs the most alluring. They are the cheapest type of window frame yet still offer a wide range of benefits such as good insulation, quality glazing, high durability, and low maintenance and will almost certainly be fixed panes of glass with casement window openings as these are far cheaper than sash or tilt and turn.

If you are interested in cheap uPVC windows, then this is the right place for you as we have compiled some helpful information on the topic below that could help you to save even more money on your uPVC double glazing installation and plastic window choices.

The cost of cheap uPVC windows

Cheap uPVC Double Glazing Cost
Material Size (width * height mm) Openers Cost
uPVC 600 * 1200 1 £250-£350
1200 * 1200 1 £300-£400
1200 * 1200 2 £350-£450
1800 * 1200 1 £350-£450
1800 * 1200 2 £400-£500
1800 * 1200 3 £450-£650
2400 * 1200 1 £400-£500
2400 * 1200 2 £450-£650
2400 * 1200 3 £500-£700
2400 * 1200 4 £550-£750

While uPVC is the best option for your window frames if you are trying to cut costs, there are other things you will need to consider if you are trying to get the cheapest uPVC windows available. for a start there is the size of your windows. The larger they are, the more expensive they will be. For example a 600mm x 1200mm window should cost between £250 and £350, while a 2400mm x 1200mm one will probably be upward of £550 but not more than £750 in most cases.

UPVC windows
UPVC windows

Another factor to consider when you are budgeting for cheap uPVC windows is the number of openers (windows that can be opened). Each opener that you want will generally add another £50 to the cost of the window, so a 1800mm x 1200mm window with a single opener is estimated to cost £350-£450, but take the same window with 3 openers and that estimate increases to £450-£650.

Casement windows vs sash windows

The style of window you opt for can also have a dramatic impact on your budget. If you are looking for the cheapest uPVC windows, you should go with casement or fixed windows as they are substantially cheaper than the sash type made from the same material. Sure, sash windows do give your house a wonderful aesthetic quality, but you will have to decide whether that quality is worth shelling out the extra pounds or not. To give you a rough idea about the difference in price between casement and sash windows let’s take a semi-detached house with 7-8 windows as an example.

If you had casement windows installed the cost should be somewhere between £2,500 and £3000, but the fitting the same house with sash windows would set you back around another £1500 on top of that. Quite an increase in cost.

Get cheap uPVC windows quotes from local providers

The best way to find cheap uPVC windows is to shop around a little and compare the quotes supplied by the various suppliers in your area and our window prices page gives a reasonable idea of what you can expect to pay. To help you with this we have provided a free quote search service that only requires you to fill in the form on this website with a few basic details. You could have a selection of quotes within no time at all and without the hassle of sending multiple emails or making a lot of phone calls. Your information is safe and secure and won’t be used for anything other than the purpose of trying to find you a great deal on cheap uPVC windows. This quote search service is completely free and you are under no obligation whatsoever to choose any of the suppliers that we connect you with.

Getting the cheapest uPVC windows- tips to reduce costs

Getting the cheapest uPVC windows available is all about making the right decisions and being a little bit knowledgeable about the cheapest options. Here we have highlighted a few things that you can consider that could lower your overall expenses when it comes to new windows:-

Avoid unnecessary extras

There are lots of options available for windows customers these days, but often a lot of them are not essential and are just for extra style or a specific purpose that you might not be interested in. Options like the colour of your uPVC window frames or the type of glass that you want are all things to consider when you are trying to keep the overall expense to a minimum, for example triple glazing will cost considerably more. Also the style or type of window should be the simplest, like casement windows. We already compared them to the cost of sash windows above so you can see the difference in price.

UPVC windows
UPVC windows

If you read ‘the cost of uPVC windows’ section on this page you will also be aware of the added expense that having multiple windows that open can bring too.

Fitting your own windows

This is one thing that will definitely keep costs down as diy double glazing costs are seriously effective, but only if you are skilled enough to do the job properly! Selecting the supply only option means that you only pay for the price of the windows themselves and of course delivery, but there are no labour costs. While this is a viable option for some, it can be very tricky to install uPVC, or any type of window for that matter, on your own.

if you don’t have any building or window installation experience, or know someone that has, we highly recommend that you let the suppliers arrange installation for you. However, if you really want to try it yourself, please do a lot of research first. There are lots of articles and YouTube tutorial videos available, some better than others, so you can at least get an idea of what you will be undertaking if you decide to fit your own cheap uPVC windows.

Use a windows supplier from your local area

It is not always the case, but often when you select a local windows supplier it will be cheaper than if you looked to companies that are coming from out of town. Mostly, this down to lower costs for the suppliers when it comes to transporting the windows and labour to the work site.

Another advantage of using a local company is that they are close at hand if there are any issues with your windows after installation.