uPVC Windows

The best thing about uPVC windows has to be the cost. That’s not all nowadays either, the price and aesthetics are really pushing timber windows to the limit. In this article I am going to show you why uPVC is has become such an incredibly important part of the UK market. We will also look at where it’s continuing to improve and innovate as well as the benefits of uPVC windows in your home.

While uPVC isn’t for all homes and can damage aesthetics, the incredible range of sympathetic uPVC windows becoming available strengthens by the day. The most common uPVC windows are sash and casements. They both have unique features and completely different price points.

How much do uPVC windows cost?

uPVC windows almost always range between £250 for a very simply casement up to around £1250 for a much higher spec tilt & turn sash window.  The fitting cost of uPVC tends to be around 50% less than timber windows as they are less complicated. Let’s have a look at a few examples of how much uPVC windows cost in the table below:

uPVC Window Prices
Window Style Size mm (width * height) Price
Casement 1200 * 1600 £400 – £600
1200 * 2000 £500 – £700
1200 * 2400 £600 – £800
Sash 1200 * 1600 £900 – £1100
1200 * 2000 £1100 – £1300
1200 * 2400 £1300 – £1500
Tilt and turn 1200 * 1600 £500 – £700
1200 * 2000 £600 – £800
1200 * 2400 £700 – £900

What are the advantages of uPVC Windows?

  • Low maintenance.
  • Ten year guarantee.
  • Price is fraction of timber sash windows
  • Extremely efficient

What are the disadvantages of uPVC Windows?

  • Not long lasting in the same way as traditional timber windows.
  • Very difficult to maintain if mechanism breaks down.
  • Not as aesthetically good as hardwood windows.
  • Once extrusion begins to fade plastic paint doesn’t look good.

What do uPVC windows supply only cost?

uPVC windows supply only cost range dramatically, primarily based on spec of extrusion, locking mechanism, and the spec of the glazing. A typical supply on uPVC window can cost as little as £150 and run all the way up to £900. The former being a casement and the latter a sash window.

This cost doesn’t factor delivery. If you have one or two windows the cost for delivery works out to be expensive. It is far more sensible in this case to order locally. Assuming you have a whole house of uPVC windows to replace, a truck delivery works out extremely economical per window overall. Here’s a look at a tilt and turn, supply only uPVC sash window:

uPVC sliding sash window finished in wood grain effect with tilt and turn brackets.

The chunky stiles and profiles are the only draw back on this window. Apart from that, it looks quite impressive. Unfortunately you just can’t replicate the quality of wooden sash windows for half the price, but you can get close enough. The wood grain effect looks very vibrant and similar to a high quality timber and certainly add value to the look of a property whilst being thermally and acoustically efficient.

They have a very sturdy locking mechanism; you’ll note the two big ball like protruding pieces of metal at the top of the top sash. Breaking into these windows is pretty much impossible unless you smash through the glass itself. This isn’t any easy task either, the glass is toughened (heat tempered in the same way as car windows) and so can withstand serious blunt force trauma.

There’s far more examples of window prices to be found at the link provided.

uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are reliable, cheap, and very efficient. You can pick the quality but being a uPVC window, it doesn’t make a great deal of sense to spend more than is necessary. They are not the most attractive of windows but do their job well.  If you consider that a uPVC casement window costs as little as 10% of a custom made traditional sliding sash window they certainly have their place in the market. In fact that’s an understatement, uPVC casement window sales outstrip almost all demanded windows. Again without rattling on about it, predominantly it boils down to cost.

Here’s a look at a budget uPVC casement window:

Tidy looking uPVC casement window.

If you take a look at the example above, it looks alright, it doesn’t really excite but it looks clean and tidy which is more than enough for this new property pictured, with respect. To be honest, it looks very tidy from the inside. The bars look neat and the hardware clean and shiny too.

The internal profile with a little moulding as if to mimic wood is a nice touch too. This window is just standard double glazing.

One of the most important aspects of this window is the clean and tidy install. If you look carefully around the edges, the trims are very well fitted. The use of silicone was exemplary too. The glazing has been wiped down and cleaned up nicely. This was an experienced fitter that knew what he was doing.

So why are uPVC casement windows so cheap then?

uPVC casement windows are really cost effective because the profile that makes them costs just a few pounds per metre. They also take very little time to make and are simply joined in mitres with screws and fixing plates in the corners. This makes the double glazing cost very realistic.

Beyond that, there’s the cost of glass to consider and a few negligible costs such as glazing tape, spacers to hold the glass from the edges, and rubber seals that hold the glass firmly in place from front to back.

uPVC Sash Windows

uPVC sash windows are really starting to pickup popularity in areas with large numbers of period properties, one such example is London. uPVC window manufacturers are trying to develop ever more aesthetically pleasing uPVC sash windows in an attempt to gain  larger share of new replacement windows.

Here’s a look at the most modern and up to date uPVC sash windows:

uPVC Sash Windows looking very nice made by AWM Sash Windows.

It’s working too; there are plenty of homeowners considering these uPVC sash windows. More than that, these modern efficient uPVC windows are now being introduced by major London sash window companies as part of their services. Adoption has been swift and decisive, mainly due to their excellent structural integrity and of course as the adoption has taken in London, it’ll follow all over the UK soon too.

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