Triple Glazing

Triple glazing: what are triple glazed windows?

Everyone has heard of double glazing and they tend to be the standard type of window found in homes around the UK these days, but what about triple glazing?

Triple glazed windows are just what they sound – windows with 3 separate panes of glass encased together. Between the panes of glass are spaces that filled with an innate gas, usually Argon, which helps to improve the insulating properties of the window.

There are several benefits of having triple glazed windows installed in your property, but there is also an increased cost involved too, and it may not even be possible to fit triple glazing in some homes without some considerable alterations for example, traditional sash windows would probably need to have at a minimum the sash replaced and likely the entire frame. Casement windows made from wood would also have the same issue. Aluminium windows as well as uPVC can be designed to take triple glazed units and so if entirely replacing and you’re not in a conservation area this would be a viable option.

To better explain all of this we have put this article together for you so you can decide for yourself if triple glazed windows will be a good addition to your home.

Triple Glazed Windows
Triple Glazing Windows

What are the benefits of triple glazed windows?

Triple glazing offers all the benefits of double glazing, only at a higher level of efficiency.

Let’s take security for example. The three panes of glass in triple glazed windows make it harder for intruders and would be robbers to enter your property. That’s not to say double glazing doesn’t add security to your home, it’s just triple glazing is a step up and you can learn more about security on our glazing page.

This is the same for other things like trapping heat in the room they are fitted in. The argon gas in the compartments between the three panes of glass is a poor conductor of heat and this makes it very difficult for warm air to pass through, keeping it inside where it’ll benefit you and your family. This also has the added benefit of saving you money on heating bills in the long run.

It’s not only heat that triple glazing provides excellent insulation from, it is also sound. If you love in a busy area with a lot of foot traffic, a place with vibrant nightlife within earshot, or you have a main road close to your home, triple glazed windows can help shut out a lot of that unwanted noise pollution.

Other benefits include a high resistance to condensation which should be music to the ears of anyone who has had to deal with this annoying problem for any amount of time.

Triple Glazed Windows

Why aren’t triple glazed windows more widespread?

Triple glazed windows started out in Sweden as a way to deal with the extremely cold winters there and have since become the window of choice for many homes in Scandinavian countries. Also in recent times, modern housing in North America have also started being fitted with triple glazing.

So, how about the United Kingdom?

Here in the UK, double glazing is far more popular. This is in no small part due to the relative cheapness of them and the fact that they are widely available. Double glazed windows are usually enough to do the job that the majority of people want them for and aren’t willing to shell out the extra to have triple glazing installed. Double glazing costs are so reasonable that the additional cost to performance benefit is often overlooked and only for those that really want to cut the noise down.

There is also the fact that triple glazed windows can’t be fitted into every home as easily as double glazing can. The extra weight of triple glazed windows nearly always means that the existing window frames in your home can’t be used. In fact, you would have to have your installer check to see if the opening are big enough to support these types of windows before getting them fitted.

What is the cost of triple glazed windows compared to double glazing?

It should come as no surprise that triple glazing is more expensive than its bi-paned relative, but how much more?

Well, it all depends on the window company that you use, the quality of the windows themselves, and a few other things. To give a rough estimate, triple glazed windows cost about 30-35% more than double glazing, but this can be as high as 40% in some cases as window prices will always vary.

It’s not just the extra cost of the window themselves that you have to consider though. If you have to have some structural improvements done to accommodate the triple glazed windows you desire, the installation costs will no doubt climb substantially higher.

On average, a triple glazed window will cost you about £400 before you factor in the price to have them fitted.

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Are triple glazed windows worth it?

It all depends on your particular situation and needs. If you love in an area that has a lot of cold weather with strong winds such as near one of the northern coastlines, the extra insulation against the chilliness outside would definitely make it worth getting triple glazing.

Also if you consider the money that you will save in the long term on heating bills, these windows are actually good investments. Just don’t expect to make your money back on them in the short term.

Soundproofing is something we already mentioned and cutting out noise from outside can be another very good reason to opt for triple glazed windows.

Then of course there is the added level of security that comes with triple glazing. If you have a window that is in a vulnerable area, it could be well worth considering upgrading it.

Are you looking to renovate an older property and sell it? Replacing old windows with new triple glazed ones can add value to your property and can entice buyers, especially eco-friendly ones.

Where can I get fast quotes for triple glazed windows?

Triple glazed windows aren’t as widely available as double glazed ones, so you might have to spend some time on the internet and telephone contacting various suppliers for quotes.

if you would like an easier way to get your hands on fast quotes from companies that work in your local area, simply add your details into our online form which is conveniently located right here on this website.

Within no time at all we will hunt down the companies close to your home that supply and install triple glazed windows and secure quotes for you. This service is free and there is no obligation to accept any offer from anyone.