Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows bring to you a genius style of window that is versatile and can be used any way you prefer. Not only are the windows very multifunctional, their biggest benefit being the ability to clean them from the inside, but they also provide users with several benefits, making them efficient in multiple ways.

A common factor most consumers look for in a window is to be aesthetically appealing and have a sophisticated look to them, which is exactly what tilt and turn windows offer. Below we have provided all the information you need to know about Tilt and Turn Windows, as well as a guide to help you select the perfect style to tailor your needs! tilt and turn windows come in both the form of uPVC and Aluminium.

Tilt and Turn Windows Price

If you’re wondering how much these super convenient windows will cost you, we have assembled a price list to help you determine your total cost. To your advantage, the prices include installation costs as well as VAT. While comparing Tilt and Turn Windows to two other common windows styles below, you will discover that these windows are quite inexpensive, especially for how versatile they are. Here’s a really nice breakdown in a chart to compare tilt and turn window prices:

Tilt and turn windows prices
Material Size (mm) Width * Height Cost
uPVC 600 * 1200 £400 – £500
1200 * 1200 £600 – £700
1800 * 1200 £800 – £900
Aluminium 600 * 1200 £500 – £600
1200 * 1200 £700 – £850
1800 * 1200 £1000 – £1100

On average, a customer generally pays about £4,000-£5,000 for 8 windows. in a 3 Bedroom Semi. For more window prices please take a look at the page connected.

The price list provided only gives an average cost of these windows, since the actual price will depend on your location and your window supplier.

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Tilt and turn windows courtesy of archiexpo.

Why choose Tilt and Turn Windows?

Tilt and Turn Windows originated in Europe and are designed to be very easy and practical to use on a daily basis. They are slowly gaining popularity in many parts of the world due to its unique features. Architects, interior designers, as well as homeowners have shown great interest in this new style of windows due to its aesthetics and high quality. They are really gaining traction as new replacement windows.

Now that you know how affordable these versatile windows are, keep reading more to find out other ways these windows can be beneficial to you. You can have them supplied with all glazing options. 

The way it Tilt and Turn windows operate is a combination of two different functions, increasing its flexibility. Like a regular casement window, it is attached to its frame by hinges at the side and can be swung open. Here’s a look at how useful that is:

Tilt and turn side opener courtesy of saint-co.com.

For more safer use and better ventilation, these windows can be tilted inwards from the bottom, opening up the top. The specialised hinges allow the door to lean inwards. Using it this way is best if there is a child or a pet in the house as no one will be able to fit through the window.

As you can see from the animation provided, you can use the same handle to control the mechanics of the window and the direction it opens in.

Benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows

Multifunctional – Use the handle to influence in which direction you want to open the window. The handle works as a lever, by which you can easily influence the window to open horizontally or tilted open vertically.

Instant Ventilation – The tilting open option provides a room instant ventilation in a safe manner while being more energy efficient the most windows in the market.

Easy maintenance – Tilt and Turn windows are significantly easier to clean as sash windows cannot be manoeuvred according to your convenience.

Easy installation – You would think that a window with such flexibility and versatility would be really complicated to install. But to your surprise, adjusting these windows is just as easy as it is a regular window in case you need to make some adjustments.

Safety – The inward tilting option is a great way to maintain the safety of your home or office. This option provides plenty of ventilation while the opening being so small that no child or pet can get in or out through these windows. When shut, the windows are compressed and well-sealed, not only providing safety, but also soundproofing the room.

Aesthetics – These windows can come with thin frames making them aesthetically pleasing and maximising the glass area to invite in more sunlight while providing scenic views.

Versatility – Tilt and Turn windows not only provide versatility in their functionality, size, and finish, but also with the sizes offered. You can fit these in any area you want!

Since tilt and turn windows come in all sizes and dimensions, you can make the most out of it by installing them as doors. This way you can use them as a regular door that lets people in and out, or you can tilt it open for ventilation like you would a window. Depending on your preference, you can get these windows to turn outwards instead of inwards. The possibilities are endless, and this is why this style of windows are considered genius and are gaining popularity over time.

Are Tilt and Turn Windows for you?

Tilt and Turn windows are a highly innovative design perfect for your home or office, due to their security, versatility, easy maintenance, as well as being aesthetically appealing. For the amount of functions it performs, the price is reasonable, and may fool others in thinking you have paid a much higher price. The benefits of Tilt and Turn windows certainly do make them highly efficient and genius. Everything you’re looking for in a window is right here. Tilt and turn windows are a fair well priced. As far as double glazing cost goes, these windows are very well priced.

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