Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are elegant, practical, and add character and charm too many period properties. They come available in three main material types: Timber, uPVC, and aluminium. Wooden sash windows are the most expensive but also firmly the best and also aesthetically or unrivalled. That doesn’t mean to say that UPVC sash windows and aluminium sash windows don’t have their own place as they are both useful in separate circumstances in which will go into in detail.

Wooden sash windows

Wooden sash windows look brilliant and really work to improve the Aesthetics and Elegance of any home. Typical sash window made of hardwood with the high quality double glazed unit will set you back in the region of £1,500 to £2,000.

If you have quite a number of windows in your property then it’s understandable to look at alternative options. This refers to both styles as well as materials but please do consider that many buildings especially in London are conservation areas and it’s expected that you maintain the look and feel with your original timber wooden sash windows, or casement windows, there are also plenty of these in London too.

Traditional sliding sash windows come with a 44mm style profile and 95 mm bottom Rail. Where is between 32 mm and 38mm typically, however there are exceptions to this rule some being small slender and some being larger. Clean double glazed sash windows we are able to keep the meeting rail to 35mm which looks slender and the attractive.

Some of the oldest sash windows in London and the UK will have a profile called the lambs tongue this is a beautiful looking profile and lends itself to stunning glazing bar construction. Is glazing bar construction can be seen in the image below of a Georgian sash window. The quality of building timber used here is hard to replicate today. Next to it you’ll find an Ovolo profile, not quite as elegant.

Ovolo & Lambs Tongue Profile

As you can see from the picture this window looks stunning we can now replicate this glazing bar construct and overall Aesthetics pretty well but where we have to install a double glazed unit we don’t get the same depth and 3D look quite. However, that said, we can do a fairly sensible job of making it look like it was 100 year old piece of Joinery.

More often than not these days sash windows come fully finished with a factory spray finish. This is effectively the same way the cars has sprayed.

The paints are normally microporous and this allows no moisture to penetrate but still allows timber to breathe. This technology reduces timber rock considerably and makes extensive guarantees perfectly viable.

With this said you should definitely check with your supplier that spray system is included in the price, if it might be an additional extra of around £100 to £150 per window. This is far better value than hand finishing window. We highly recommend that you have your sash windows prefecture sprayed.

Sash Windows Prices

Sash Windows Prices
Material Size mm (Width * Height) Price
Softwood 1000 * 1600 £1400 – £1700
1200 * 1800 £1600 – £1900
1400 * 2200 £1900 – £2200
Hardwood 1000 * 1600 £1600 – £1900
1200 * 1800 £1900 – £2200
1400 * 2200 £2200 – £2500
uPVC 1000 * 1600 £900 – £1200
1200 * 1800 £1100 – £1300
1400 * 2200 £1200 – £1500
Aluminium 1000 * 1600 £1100 – £1300
1200 * 1800 £1200 – £1500
1400 * 2200 £1400 – £1800

There are two variations of timber sash sliding sash windows. Fast is a typical sash cord Style with traditional counterbalance weights hidden in the box frame. The other more modern method is to install sash windows on spiral balances.

This power balances are that you can turn your windows inward in a similar fashion to a UPVC tilt and turn sash window. Because of the cost of traditional counterbalance weights. Spiral balance wooden sash windows are normally around 15 to 20% cheaper. There are other alternatives, these window prices should give you a clear idea of all options

It’s worth considering that traditional sash cord windows normally need less servicing. They also last longer has result of everlasting sash cords. The difficulty of spiral balance sash windows is Finding they reliable company to repair them if anything goes wrong. There are even instances where the installer the replacement windows will not repair them.


Here’s a look at the costs of a normal double glazed sash windows. Hardwood is more expensive but then the obvious benefits of lifespan and aesthetics make it a brilliant investment.

Double Glazed Sash Windows Cost
Material Size mm (Width * Height) Price
Softwood 800 * 1600 £1200 – £1500
1000 * 1800 £1400 – £1700
1200 * 2200 £1700 – £2000
Hardwood 800 * 1600 £1400 – £1700
1000 * 1800 £1700 – £2000
1200 * 2200 £2000 – £2300
uPVC 800 * 1600 £800 – £1100
1000 * 1800 £1000 – £1200
1200 * 2200 £1100 – £1400
Aluminium 800 * 1600 £1000 – £1200
1000 * 1800 £1100 – £1400
1200 * 2200 £1300 – £1700

Aluminium sash windows

Aluminium sash windows are a good balance between wooden and UPVC sash windows. The reason for this is they are able to replicate these windows with slender profiles as aluminium is more sturdy. They are far more traditional looking than UPVC sash windows but not quite as good as timber sash windows. Aluminium double glazing costs are typically, where aluminium sash windows are concerned, cost anywhere between £1,300 £1,700 per window.

Aluminium sash windows were installed in two different ways the first method is to simply remove the original sashes and leave the Old timber frame and place and slot the frame directly inside. The alternative is to entirely remove the original frame and then make good install new trims around on the inside and outside of the window.

If an aluminium window can be inserted into the original wooden frame and simply trimmed over then the cost is normally a couple of £100 cheaper than entire removal. This does however big question, why not simply manufacture to new sashes and install them in frame double glazed? This way you have original looking sash windows that would cost less than aluminium windows and be nearly thermally and acoustically as effective.

Aluminium Sash Window Styles

Aluminium sash windows really come into their own timber is removed and therefore there is no maintainable element to the window. Aluminium sash windows main advantages lack of maintenance following installation therefore, would we want to combine the two. That said when trimming the aluminium sash windows, you do cover most original timber. The only way that the original frame could rot or decay would be that the trims were incorrectly sealed.

Aluminium sash windows come in various colours with multiple different internal profiles. has touched with timber sash windows, they’ll have a beautiful of a low profile. Aluminium is not quite as athletically pleasing but it still looks pretty good. In the image below you can see that it’s pretty tidy and certainly looks more than acceptable.

In terms of cost, aluminium sash windows really come into their own when your property is situated high up and maintenance(i.e painting) is difficult or dangerous. Traditional timber sliding sash windows require decorating and painting at least once every 5 years.

If exposed to the elements, dormer sash window painting might be required every 3 years. Otherwise, a situation where your Windows will begin to tear deteriorate. Aluminium sash windows resolve this problem, pretty normal to leave your window alone for 10 to 15 years.

UPVC sash windows

UPVC sash windows are the cheapest of all materials, in truth, they are the least athletic who plays. That said, one must consider the budget. UPVC sash windows cost around 1000 to 1300 per window they are almost half the price of hardwood sash windows and this will of course depend on glazing chosen. They are also equally as energy efficient and will last considerably well if exposed to the elements.

Most UPVC sash windows operating spiral balances and will come a tilt and turn mechanism. This is really useful on buildings that are situated high up and difficult or dangerous to access externally much in the same way as aluminium.

The biggest issue faced with UPVC sash windows the stick profiles. Giving UPVC isn’t as strong as timber or aluminium, how to have a thicker profile to maintain structural strength, therefore, uPVC windows just aren’t quite as aesthetically pleasing. It’s a difficult balance working out the value of saving money verses reduced Aesthetics of your property.

If the windows are high up and less visible from the road front or to the rear of the property then saving money on the Look seems to make sense. Your windows are Road facing and very visible, it would be unwise to reduce the aesthetic appearance of your property for the savings. Especially given the value of properties as compared with the cost of sash windows.

Sash window style summary

In summary sash windows are beautifully designed and very functional windows. Sash windows offer excellent excellent security and a very easily used. They’re also very efficient and one must be careful in selecting the right sash window material for their property. If you’re still unsure after reading this article then please feel free to drop us an email so that we could perhaps run through the options with you prior to sending quotes.

One of the most important things to remember when changing your sash windows is that conservation areas and listed buildings have different rules. Might be that you must have traditional timber sash windows reinstalled like for like, especially with bay windows that protrude and are a feature of your property. Failure to comply with this may lead to being fined and almost certainly taken to court and forced to reinstate traditional sash windows. So before making any changes, sure that you discuss with the relevant professionals as to the legal aspects and requirements.

Understandably there are exceptions to the rule and planning permission can be sought for UPVC sash windows and aluminium sash windows. It’s still best to check with the local planning office or listed building officer prior to make any moves. It’s almost certain to save you a lot of money.

Why not contact us today for a free no obligation assessment from three or four of our local companies.