Sash window repair costs

Sash windows can be repaired in almost all circumstances. If the homeowner doesn’t wish to replace their windows then it can be repaired, that simple. Sash window repairs will range from sill placement, lower rail replacement, replacement glazing, draught proofing of original sash windows, and almost every small service in between including the repair of wooden windows to replacement of sash cords. In this article we intend to go through all of the different sash window repairs prices available to you and their costs.

Sash Window Repair Costs
Sash window repair service Cost
Sash window draught proofing: Medium sash window £248.00 – £288.00
Sash window draught proofing: Large sash window £268.00 – £348.00
Sash window draught proofing: Venetian sash window £388.00 – £488.00
Sash window repair: Sill replacement £120.00 – £240.00
Sash window repair: Sill splice £80.00 – £160.00
Sash window repair: Replacement Sash £170.00 – £300.00
Sash window repair: Replacement sash cords £120.00 – £160.00

Sash window sill replacement prices

Sash window sill replacement normally comes about when the external sill is rotten, don’t worry though and it’s certainly not worth replacing with plastic or uPVC windows. This is not to be confused with the external sub-sill which is made of stone normally. The sill is the piece of wood that sits at the lower section of the window and if you’re not sure here’s a picture of that just just to clarify.

plastic window sill
plastic window sill

As you can see in this example the sash window sill is extremely rotten but it’s actually quite easy to repair this. You simply cut the rotten defective sash window sill out and then install a new one in its place. After this it’s made good, primed, and undercoated. This can cost anywhere from £120 to £240 plus VAT but please note bay window sills cost more. This is a particularly normal procedure and almost all sash window companies will be able to do this for you as long as they are specialists. We can provide you with three quotes no problem at all before you go all out on replacement windows.

Replacing the lower rail on a sash costs

Just because you have a rotten or defective lower rail on a sash doesn’t mean you need to entirely throw the sash away. There are plenty of sash window repair specialist out there that would be more than willing to install a new lower rail for you. The benefits of having a company that will install a new lower rail are significant for a listed building owners because it negates the requirement for any planning should you need to repair it. Because, as we know if you’re going to replace any element of your property and you own a listed building then you’ll have to normally ascertain whether or not you need planning permission first. By simply repairing a making good you negate these requirements. But in the event that you’re not 100% sure on that please do can contact your local listed building officer anyway just to clarify because rules can vary throughout the UK.

This picture of the lower rail that needs replacement and as you can see it looks pretty rough but that doesn’t mean that you should entirely replace necessary. The replacement lower rail in this instant cost £120, far cheaper than double glazed windows, but if you factor that a new sash would have been over double that it’s actually quite good value for money especially when you’re looking to keep all of the original period features and charming your property.
double glazed sash window

Replacement single glazed glass prices

Just because you’ve got a broken pane of glass on your original sash windows doesn’t mean that you need to entirely replaced, much in the same way as wooden casement windows can be repaired. The most common thing to do is contact the sash window specialist or a glazier and I’ll be more than happy to install glazing back into your sash. Typically they will install for mirror glass for legal requirement but it’s quite possible that you actually only have 3 mm glass. For this reason, I would say it’s actually better to contact the sash window specialist because they’ll be able to also counterbalance the glass as well. If you consider a typical sash might weight 16lb with 3 mm glass, then it’s almost certainly going to weigh 22lb after with the thicker heavier glass. Replacement glazing typically cost anywhere from £30 plus VAT all the way up to £150 plus VAT, these are pretty typical window prices. This assumes that you’re only having 4mm clear standard float glass installed and when compared to double glazing costs it’s a significant saving.

Replacement sash window pulleys prices

Occasionally sash window pulleys will fail, and they can just simply be unscrewed and have a new one fitted in its place. It’s very uncommon that these pulleys fail because they were built from cast-iron and extremely well constructed in the Victorian times. It’s amazing to think the most of these cast iron pulleys are still in place. And the reason for this is because basically they were completely over engineered for the job. There was obviously no requirement to make something that would last at least 200 years, but being the Victorians and doing things properly in the period property it’s amazing to see that they still last now. Should you have one fail, the best thing to do is simply find a supplier that will provide one that was exactly the same dimensions as before so there’s no need to carry out any additional removal and housing of timber. Typically, a sash window specialist will install a new pulley for a roundabout £40 per window. This is assumes that you’re already having the sash window itself overhauled and draught proof because to install a pulley you need to remove the windows in the first place to get access without the cord in place.

Overhauling and replacement sash cord prices

When your sash window cords become frayed an old will need to replace them. One of the best ways to handle sash window cord replacement is to contact the sash window specialist or simply put our contact form I will deal with it for you. They’ll simply come around, remove the sashes, and then install new sash cords in place. This service the range from £120 for the lower sash windows to be re-corded, all the way up to £500 for intricate or large sash windows that require both sets of chords on the top and lower sash replacing. Normally, sash window specialist so using and armour plated nylon everlasting cord now. This causes extremely well constructed and designed to last at least 20 years. After speaking with many sash window specialist I may well aware that these boards will go well beyond 20 years. Paragraph new,

Sash window draught proofing costs

If your sash windows are a bit cold and drafty then don’t worry, there’s hope for them. You can simply have an overhaul and draught proof system installed into the original sash itself. This draught proofing system is a series of rebated hidden nylon brushes that will be installed into the original sash and when the window is closed you won’t even know that the comprehensive system is there.

Sash window draught proofing typically costs anywhere from much £250 all the way up to £500 plus VAT per window. The good news is because this is recognised by the government as being energy efficient there’s a 5% VAT rating on this service. I would suggest that you contact us for this service because we’ll be able to provide you with three reputable suppliers that will give the lowest rates and the same time exactly the same high quality service. Because we specialise and deal closely with companies that offer sash window draught proofing we will be able to handle those savings and pass them directly onto you.

Sash window draught proofing is an extremely effective way of improving the overall ambience and temperature within your property. You’ll be amazed at just how much energy is being lost on a draughty and rattly sash window. One of the biggest problems with sash windows as they get older is they begin to rattle after they’ve been serviced and incorrectly fitted staff bead contribute to this issue.

This allows a situation where the lower sash (when buses or heavy gusts of wind) can allow the sash to rattle. The comprehensive draught proofing system will solve this rattling as well as make the window feel far more solid. It’s almost like flicking the switch on a light, you’ll find that after having a sash window draught proof your windows are just considerably better performing. Pound for pound a sash window draught proofing systems simply cannot be matched. If your windows have been painted shut however, then you won’t get the same benefits as they’ve already been sealed in, but if you feel like you have draught coming through the window then the service will make a huge difference to you. One of the best ways to work out if a sash window draught proofing system is going to affect you considerably is to get some masking tape and simply tape up the whole of your sash window. Cover all of the gaps and this is the same benefit as a sash window draught proofing system, but of course, the sash window draught proofing system will allow you to still use the window. Masking tape will stop you from using your sash windows.

Conclusion to sash window repair costs

Don’t let some rotten or defective timber make you throw your original sash windows away. There are extensive sash window repair options that will allow you to maintain and keep your original windows forever. Once the sash windows have been repaired, one of the biggest and most important factors is to ensure that you keep your window well maintained.

Maintenance in this case, basically means that you need to have your windows painted at regular intervals. If your windows are south facing then it’s reasonable to expect that you need to paint your window every three years. But if your windows are north facing and they’re not particularly exposed to the elements and then it’s pretty common that you’ll be able to get 5 to 7 years from the decoration each time. Bare in mind, there’s exceptions to the rule, for example if you live next to the seaside and you have salt water blowing at your windows and the conditions are pretty harsh then actually you could expect to paint every two to three years. This is something to consider because if you require this kind of maintenance then perhaps new windows, or other options might be better for you.

By the way though, please feel free to contact us for your sash window repairs today, will make sure that you get the most competitive prices for sash window repairs.