Replacement Windows

Finding  the proper solution for your replacement windows that are tired in your much loved home isn’t necessarily a straight forward process. Obtaining four individual quotes for exactly the same product is a headache in itself, with the vast array of specifications and materials it can be almost impossible to know exactly what you’re getting!

Whenever your window frames are in much need of replacement or perhaps, repair, obtaining a few quotes for replacement straight replacement windows is more often simpler alternative than finding double glazing repair quotes. The issue being window replacement is considerably more expensive and possibly avoidable. We will be able to help you find out whether replacing windows would be the the optimum solution for you and your property.


How much to replacement windows cost?

An important consideration in determining whether or not to replace your windows is the pricing and budget. The exact costs of the replacement windows will be contingent to a number of facets, such as style, materials used, dimensions and what’s entailed in custom installation.

There’s two main types of new replacement windows; casement windows and sash windows. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and we will identify these in this article.

Below you can see the normal price of different window styles, installs, and materials. The rates are calculated based on a standard replacement window.


If your home is more of a contemporary design and feel, you can probably get away with casement windows which are considerably cheaper than sash windows. Victorian or period properties really are going to need like for like replacement windows which are normally sash.

As an alternative, you can save yourself money and pick the more affordable uPVC windows which have a normal total price of £250 for a very basic bay window. These are the basic casement windows with a standard hinged opener and not to be confused with tilt and turn windows that are of much higher quality and cost.

These quotes are based upon the typical window setup. Prices of different window businesses and companies can vary considerably down to interpretation of the job individually. That’s why we recommend you get four quotes as this rules out the over and under pricing possibilities to an extent.

If you’re tired of fighting your way through quotes and different companies then let us take the hassle out of it for you with our fully vetted teams, that a look at our window prices and double glazing costs so you have a fair idea of what to expect prior to a site visit and quote. We promise it’ll be quick. painless, and stress free.

Complete our form, it’s very straight forward and from filling in the form you’ll receive no obligation and free quotations from trusted regional professionals. Normally all quotes will be back within a week or so.

What exactly are replacement windows?

Completely replaced windows normally include entire removal of the frame back to brick or lining. No remaining part of the window is left and it is entirely replaced. Currently, we replace with double glazed windows most frequently. It’s considerably more expensive that spot repairs but also leaves peace of mind that the window will not require maintenance for years to come.

What are the signs my windows need replacing?

Windows often need replacement after many years of  ageing or neglect. The most common signs that windows are failing :

  • Misted double glazing units. When units are misted it normally indicates that the seal around the edge of the unit is broken. This can happen for two main reasons. Firstly the polyurethane seal has broken, or there’s a crack in the glass.
  • They won’t clean up nice and bright anymore. If uPVC isn’t cleaned and exposed to sunlight the UV Rays will breakdown the shiny coating on the plastic extrusion. This leaves small holes that dirt can enter and will not be cleaned easily. Plastic windows are particularly susceptible to this.
  • The hinges have stopped working. This happens when the hinges fail from being used too many times or they break through being overpainted and becoming brittle at the pivot point.
  • The sash cords have frayed or snapped. Over the years sash cords will begin to wear and then break down. It’ll eventually lead to the cord snapping and the counterbalance method ceasing to work.
  • There is visible signs of rot. When wooden windows aren’t painted they will begin to suffer from moisture ingress. The bacteria within this moisture will eat the timber causing rotten sections.
  • The windows are draughty. This can happen over time if the frames move and then gaps develop. It also can happen from painting sashes and case that stick in the wrong position.
  • They are not secure. If catches or locking point mechanisms fail they will not lock close properly.
  • Glass is broken. Panes of glass can break from windows slamming shut or blunt force. This is probably the easiest thing to resolve with a new pane of clear float glass.

All of the issues above can be repaired and will cost anywhere between 35-70% of complete replacement prices. It’s typically that timber windows are repairable at a far lower percentage cost wise than that of uPVC.

There are significant benefits to replacement windows

Replacement windows come with a whole array of benefits, most notably improved thermal efficiency and acoustic performance. Are you suffering from noise issues or it’s cold? Replacement windows provide the benefits you need and the difference in comfort significant.

Replacement Windows Reduces Noise Pollution

The noise reduction benefits associated with new replacement windows are considerable when your current windows are singled glazed. All original sash windows and casements were originally made single glazed. For example, London has literally millions of original sash windows still in existence. Estimates show that there are 70 million sash windows in London alone so it’s quite likely your windows will be single glazed if it’s a Victorian property. These single glazed windows are extremely ineffective at reducing noise pollution as the glass is thin and the gaps around the frame have developed from years and years of movement, wear and tare, and over painting.  Replacement windows solves all these issues in one.

Replacement Windows Will Make The Home Warmer

Cold entering the home is a sign you need replacement windows.  Most windows that are cold will almost certainly be as a result of gaps around the edges of the frames. These gaps allow cold draughts to enter your property.  One of the best ways to solve this problem is a draught proofing system or replacement windows. With draught proofing you’ll save considerable money but the effects won’t as as noticeable as replacement windows, and you don’t want to get caught in the middle ground.

Replacement Windows Solves Maintenance

Maintenance is a headache on old windows. New window replacements solve this issue entirely. You’ll not have to consider maintenance for at least ten years with a replacement window and in some cases as many as twelve years. The industry standard is ten years insurance backed but it would seem that some companies are trying to offer above the standard in hopes of capturing new customers and additional exposure.

Aesthetics Of Beautiful Windows

Aesthetics are normally vastly improved by like for like windows but there this is down to careful research and understanding of what window will enhance your property. This isn’t always the case of course and as a result, this is why it’s really important to pick the right replacement windows so please be careful. Original sash windows are as beautiful in construction as a window can be, installing a modern uPVC casement in it’s place would not only ruin the look of the window but also damage the value and marketability of your property.

Supply Only Replacement Windows

If you’re a competent installer then we can help connect you directly with suppliers. Supply only replacement windows are normally 30-40% cheaper than supply and fit so will make an excellent saving. We have suppliers that offer casement and sash windows in both timber and uPVC. Suppliers are vetted and offer comprehensive guarantees on windows. We can provide casement and sash windows that are hand made and bespoke.