Plastic Windows

Are you thinking of buying new plastic windows for your home and are seeking the most affordable option?

Then you’ve come to the right place for an unbiased rundown of all your options in depth.

Plastic windows, also known as uPVC windows (Polyvinyl Chloride) are a very common choice amongst homeowners due to their benefits of being cost efficient and low maintenance. Please continue reading to find out more about plastic windows and determine whether these are the right windows for your home.

Plastic Window Prices

Plastic windows generally cost about £250 to £1200 per unit on average, depending on several factors. They tend to cost significantly less when compared to aluminium or wooden windows.

The price of plastic windows varies depending on these factors:

1) Size – The size of your window plays a huge role in determining the price of your new windows. The bigger the windows required, the higher the costs. Smaller windows are generally quite affordable.

2)Glazing – The layers of glaze in a window is a major factor that contributes to the estimate cost of these windows. While a single glazed window has only one layer of glass, the double glazed has two layers of glass. Double glazed windows are the most common preference among homeowners. However, a single glazed window is better choice for you if you’re looking for a a like for like replica of the original windows. Sometimes it’s a legal requirement to fit the same. If you’re not limited by permissions and willing to spend more, there is also an option of triple glazed glass Triple glazing is especially favourable if you’re looking for some extra protection from noise and cold. If you’re concerned about your windows fogging up due to condensation and humidity, double or tripled glazed windows are advisable over single glazed windows.

3) Style – Plastic windows are manufacture in two styles; sash or casement windows. The most obvious difference between the two styles are that Sash windows open vertically within the box frame, while casements are on hinges and open inward or out. Before deciding on a style of window, it would be worth having a good think about access for maintenance and cleaning. Talking of cleaning, a less common but useful window is the tilt and turn. You need this window if access is a problem for maintenance and upkeep. It can come inward and is very safe for cleaning.

4) Finish – uPVC windows come in two different finishes. White being the natural finish costs much less than woodgrain uPVC. However, woodgrain plastic windows can provide a better appearance because it gives the look of wooden windows but is a much cheaper alternative.

Plastic Window Prices
Window Style Size mm (width * height) Price
Casement 600 * 1200 £300 – £500
1200 * 1200 £350 – £550
1800 * 1200 £450 – £650
2400 * 1400 £600 – £800
Sash 600 * 1200 £700 – £900
1200 * 1200 £900 – £1100
1200 * 1800 £1000 – £1300
1400 * 2400 £1300 – £1500
Tilt and turn 600 * 1200 £500 – £700
1200 * 1200 £600 – £800
1800 * 1200 £700 – £1000
2400 * 1400 £1000 – £1300

Now that you understand the different factors that may influence window prices, the table above will provide you with more accurate estimates of how much plastic windows can cost you.

Should you get Plastic Windows for your home?

Plastic windows are a popular choice amongst homeowners not only due to their low cost, but also due to several benefits they provide. The benefits of purchasing plastic windows for your new home are

  • Cost efficient – Not only is the price of plastic windows much less, but the fact that they are easy to maintain also make them cost efficient over time compared to other types of windows. If you’re strictly considering the double glazing cost alone, plastic windows can’t be touched.
  • Easy to maintain – Using a simple and gentle window cleaner is all you need to keep your windows looking fresh and new on a regular basis.
  • Durable – Plastic windows are preferred by many because due to their material, they do not rust, making them last long.
  • Acoustic insulation – Another reason plastic windows are commonly preferred in homes and office spaces are due to sound being blocked to a certain extent from leaving or entering the room. This is also great for those who enjoy their privacy.

Installation of plastic windows

We recommend you hire a professional to get your plastic windows installed. Sash windows can be fitted by a DIY enthusiast though it’s better to seek professional advice before. Often the manufacturer will help and advise as part of their supply service. However, if you are confident in your skills and would like to buy replacement windows and  install them on your own, we advise you to do ample research. Here are some tips to research on to get you started :-

  • Measure your windows and frame accurately.
  • Make sure there is even spacing between the frame and the opening of the window.
  • Correct and accurate placement of the window is very important during installation.
  • Ensure your window opens and shuts smoothly.
  • Verify that the membrane seal is fit around all the way around. This is particularly important on casement windows or they won’t open or close properly. Should you get it really wrong, you might not be able to close your window altogether!

Cleaning plastic windows

Even though plastic windows are well known to be easy to clean and maintain, it is important to ensure that the right cleaning materials are being used, or else serious damage can be done to your windows.

Follow these steps to make sure your windows are squeaky clean:

  1. Vacuum around the edges and corners of the window to make sure the area is dirt-free.
  2. Wipe the glass with soapy water or a mild window cleaner spray. Alternatively, you can use a gentle mixture of water and distilled vinegar. Avoid abrasive cleaners with chemicals in them as they can cause damage to the plastic on your windows.
  3. Use a soft cloth such as a tea towel to gently wipe away dust and cleaner. Newspaper also works well for removing glass stains.
  4. Do this on a regular basis so your windows never look old and out of style.

Long term maintenance of plastic windows

Plastic windows are easy to maintain in terms of functionality. However, the plastic can lose its glossy finish and look more dull overtime due to sun damage. If this is the case with your window, we recommend you consult a professional about next steps. Alternatively, some steps can be taken on your own to restore the look of your windows in case of sun damage. Here is a look at of some issues sun damage causes to plastic windows with possible solutions.

Discoloured plastic windows

Sometimes sun damage can give windows a dull or yellowish tint. If this happens, we recommend you use a window restoring spray on the glass to help with this. For the frame, you can either paint to hide the discolouration or polish clear wax to add back the glossy finish.

Grime on plastic windows

If your windows are grimy, look for a window cleaning spray that is not only effective in grime, but is also safe for use on plastic. For a more natural remedy, the mixture of water and distilled vinegar does a good job or removing grime, and is safe to use on a plastic frame.

Scratches on plastic window frames

If your issue is that there are scratches on your window frame, deteriorating the appearance of your window and home, an abrasive cleaner or a gel coat refresher can be of use. However, an abrasive cleaner can only be beneficial if you have a white plastic framed window, as it can damage the finish of woodgrain.

Are plastic windows for you?

Due to its low cost and easy maintenance, plastic windows are a popular option. Make sure to consider other materials for your windows. If you are considering plastic windows for your home, make sure to do adequate research to determine if they are the right fit for your home. Not only are they affordable, but you can also save money on them by comparing quotes from different suppliers.