House Windows

Sometimes you just can’t help but notice your furniture getting worn out and looking old no matter how much you try to ignore it. You might think about the hassle of getting them replaced or the costs that come with it, causing you to avoid replacing or even looking at them. But your old and shabby windows can’t be ignored for long if there are issues with them, eventually you need to look at replacement windows. It is certainly important to keep your furniture looking well maintained for your home to feel admirable in case any guests come around.

If you find yourself stuck in this situation or are just looking to purchase house windows for your new home, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading to get more insight on your issues with house windows and to determine what kind of windows are the perfect fit for your home.

Cost of House Windows

A common reason people dread replacing or buying new windows is due to the high cost that can easily accumulate when purchasing multiple windows. In order to prevent this, it is important you do your research on different types of windows and what suits your needs. We recommend you read a detailed guide on pricing to understand the different factors that may affect the prices. The price of purchasing can vary immensely based on several different factors. However, the average price of a window is £400 and can generally range anywhere to from £150 – 900 per window, there are many variables in double glazing costs so in the table below we give a detailed estimate of what the cost of purchasing new windows may look like for your whole home:


House Windows Prices
Style of window Material House Size Price
Sash Window Softwood 1 Bed Flat £4000 – £7000
2 Bed Terraced £5000 – £9000
3 Bed Sime £8000 – £12000
Hardwood 1 Bed Flat £6000 – £10000
2 Bed Terraced £7500 – £13000
3 Bed Sime £12000 – £16000
Casement Window Softwood 1 Bed Flat £3500 – £6500
2 Bed Terraced £4500 – £8500
3 Bed Sime £7500 – £14000
Hardwood 1 Bed Flat £6000 – £10000
2 Bed Terraced £7500 – £13000
3 Bed Sime £12000 – £16000

Additionally, here are the common factors that may affect the price of your windows.


The size of your window obviously plays a huge role in determining the price of your new windows. The bigger the windows required, the higher the costs. Smaller windows are generally quite affordable.

What are the material options?

Your preference of material for windows can depend on several factors, or simply on the appearance you enjoy. UPVC windows are a common choice amongst homeowners due to them being an affordable option. Another benefit of uPVC windows is that they are better in blocking sound compared to other windows, so consider this feature if it is important for you and your family. On the other hand, if you prefer a cozy and homely feel for colder temperatures, wooden windows might be a better option for you.

Wooden windows tend to have better insulation and temperature control than windows made of other materials. They also known to be eco-friendly, reducing energy and waste overall, so consider this when making your decision. If you are looking for windows that are sturdy and long lasting, aluminium windows are the option for you.  However, they do tend to cost more compared to uPVC windows. Doing plenty of research on the different materials and what effect they can have on your home is key to be satisfied with your purchase. We believe one size doesn’t fit all and everything should be customisable to fit your needs.

Types of Window

House windows generally come in two styles; sash and casement windows. The main difference between these two styles of windows is the way the open. Sash windows open vertically or horizontally within are frame and are a more traditional style that are good for ventilation. The other type of window is the casement window, which generally open by swinging outward by mechanisms of hinges on the frame of the window. To pick the right style of windows, think about the way you would prefer to open and shut them. There are also tilt and turn windows, which are very handy in limited access situations, these are normally aluminium or plastic windows

Glazing Specification

Another factor that contributes to the estimate cost of house windows is how many layers of glaze is preferred. While a single glazed window has only one layer of glass, the double glazed has two layers of glass. The double glazed window is the most common preference among customers that purchase house windows.

Single glazing is better choice for you if you are looking for an affordable option as it costs significantly less than a double glazed windows. If you are willing to spend more, there is also an option of triple glazed glass if you are looking for some extra protection. If you are concerned about your windows fogging up due to condensation and humidity, double or tripled glazed windows are advisable over single glazed windows.

Do your windows need to be replaced?

Sometimes windows don’t need to be replaced but are just in need of maintenance to look and feel well maintained. Below is a list of several common window related issues and solutions to them, which can help you determine whether you window needs to be completely replaced or not. You may discover that a simple step to double glazing repair might suffice and be a more affordable option for you, depending on the concern. However, keep in mind that the effectiveness of the solution may depend on the type of window you have.

Read this helpful guide to determine if you just need to replace your windows or just fix a specific issue, which may overall help you save money.

Issue: Your window doesn’t open and shut completely or smoothly.

Solution: If your window style is a casement window, this issue can possibly be fixed two ways. Sometimes this happens due issues in the handle or lever that is used to open or shut the window. Thus, the handle should be replaced. On the other hand, sometimes this issue can be easily solved by deep cleaning and lubricating the edges of the window. Sometimes dust and particles can collect in the edges and cause friction, making it difficult for windows to open or shut smoothly.

Issue: Chilly draught enters passes through into your home

Solution: This issue can easily be fixed by purchasing a draught excluder or replacing the window seal on the edges of the window. Another inexpensive solution that might just work if this issue is occurs due to small cracks on your window is applying a thin layer of clear nail polish on the cracks.

Issue: A broken or insecure latch

Solution: A broken latch can make a window totally insecure. Replacing the latch yourself or getting it replaced by a professional is your best bet in this case.

Issue: Foggy window glass

Solution: This usually happens when the temperature is too cold or there is too much moisture in the air, causing condensation. In other words, the humidity gets trapped between the gaps of your windows. It’s alright if fogging happens once in a while, but if this is a regular issue then it should be fixed right away. The solution in this case is to fix the seal that may be letting cold air through the gaps. This is important because high humidity in your home that could cause damage to other furniture. Additionally, your home may lose a lot of heat, increasing your energy bills.

If you are thinking about replacing your windows, first, identify the problem then try the recommended solutions. If these solutions don’t work, then it is definitely time to pick up new windows for your home. Before splurging on a window, use our guide to help you pick the best windows for you or speak to a professional to help you determine the best fit for your home.