Casement Windows

Casement windows are single handedly untouchable pound for pound. The cost versus functionality and efficiency argument, by design, makes these windows the most practical windows for the UK, if not, the entire world. If you would like to know more about these truly versatile windows, the costs, the various options, the different functionality they have as well as practical use then please read on.

Casement windows price comparison.

If you’re just looking for a a brief but accurate overview of the differing costs of each casement window material then please take a look at the chart below. Please be aware though, the actual purchase cost alone does not reflect the overall increase or decrease in the value of your property and it’s highly recommended that you look closely at the examples to ascertain the true costs to you.

Before we delve deep into spec, let’s look at what a very typical casement window might cost. Just to be sure we are on the same wavelength let’s take a look:


Casement window prices
Material Size (mm) Cost
Wood 1200 * 1200 £1150 – £1350
1600 * 1200 £1850 – £2350
uPVC 1200 * 1200 £350 – £500
1600 * 1200 £450 – £600
Aluminium 1200 * 1200 £700 – £1000
1600 * 1200 £1000 – £1300

As you can see from the data, the cheapest window is £350, it’s almost less than a quarter of the price of a timber casement. Aluminium isn’t all that much cheaper than timber but looks very nice and is

In the example below we look at a very typical bay casement window. If you scroll down a little further you’ll see the window in question that actually received quotes from our vetted companies in the ranges provided. The client is proceeding with timber as this is the only material that would afford the same look and not detract from the properties elegance.


Casement windows bay price comparison
Material Size (mm) Cost
Wood 2600 * 1200 £10,000 – £12,000
uPVC 2600 * 1200 £2,500 – £4,000
Aluminium 2600 * 1200 £4,000 – £7,000

Timber Casement windows

Timber casement windows are by far the most beautiful and elegant. They have very tight stiles and profiles that leave them looking a cut above uPVC and Aluminium. Naturally, you pay for this elegance, the question is how much do you really pay for timber casement windows?

If you consider the beautiful original casement bay window pictured here. It’s quite apparent that this isn’t going to be a cheap casement window replacement to match and make into double or triple glazed. However, if you were to replace this casement bay window in uPVC, given the property is an elegant, period home, you’re certain to devalue it. Much in the same way a property that has sash windows would be ruined by the wrong selection of material

Lovely looking casement windows

So, when we factor the price of wooden casement windows we also need to factor the improved marketability of some properties. Sure, more modern builds might not require timber casements to look in keeping, but certainly this property pictured would look odd with leaded light panes of glass and a plastic extrusion. It just wouldn’t be in good taste.

So when we factor the cost of timber casement windows we cannot just look at the actual cost of the window itself, we must look closer at the opportunity cost and potential damage to our property if we were to install a cheaper alternative.

How much do timber casement windows cost?

In the image above the casement would be broken down into smaller chunks; it’s a six piece bay windows and each segment in high quality hardwood timber is almost certain to cost around £1500 supplied and ready to fit. It’s also a difficult install as the bay may well be supporting, so supports themselves must be used so we should factor £300 per casement for fitting. This leaves us with costs around £11000-£14,000 for the bay completely finished with a ten year insurance backed guarantee. For more information please visit the window prices page.

Where do timber casement windows make the best value for money?

Typically speaking wooden casement windows are very elegant and often offer an excellent visual enhancement to period properties. In the case of homeowners with Victorian or Edwardian properties going for a timber double glazed casement replacement windows is almost certainly going to be the best thing for the property in terms of initial outlay and then subsequent maintained value of property.

Wooden casement windows case study

In this example we look at a property that’s steeped in history and the elevation has multiple casement windows. These windows had to be replaced looking like for like as the building is conservation and it was a legal requirement to match them. Though the use of subtle double glazed casement windows was approved.

Very well executed installation of wooden casement windows.

As you can see in the image the wooden casement windows are beautifully constructed and it’s almost impossible to tell they are double glazed. These windows were hand crafted and installed by one of our vetted partners. I have to say they have done a magnificent job of capturing the original feel while bringing these windows into the 21st century.

The wooden casement window costs

The lower three casements are identical in size: 1400mm wide by 1950mm tall. These double glazed casement windows with high quality Argon filled units, that have uprated low-E energy glass cost £3500 per casement installed and fully finished as can be seen in the image. Given the spec, we feel this was an extremely competitive and fair quote for hardwood casement windows. The cost of the lead light included in this figure makes for a very fair deal.

The triple casement above on the right hand side cost £2800 installed and then the smallest double casement window on the left hand side costed £1900 installed and finished in hardwood.

Let’s take a look at those prices in a table and then add the costs in Aluminium and uPVC for comparison purposes:


Wooden casement windows made of softwood

Wooden casement window made of softwood. Much lower spec than the previous case study.

In this example the client wanted a casement window constructed of timber but with the emphasis on maintaining a sensible look to the property without spending a fortune. This casement is 1100mm tall and 2000mm wide so it’s over 2m of glazing in total. The cost for this casement in softwood with good quality glazing spec of Argon filled, low-E Pilkington energy glass was £1700 fully fitted and made good with high quality brass hinges.

The casement comes with a modern seal that’s lined against the frame and really helps to reduce the overall noise reduction considerably. This window is rated thermally efficient and would have no problem confirming to building part-L energy requirements.

After digesting all the information provided on timber casement windows, it’s quite obvious that wooden casement windows are considerably more expensive to install but in this case, using uPVC or Aluminium would of devalued the property by tens of thousands of pounds and therefore, despite being the most upfront cost, were by far the best value for money in this example.

uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are hands down the best value for money window available in the UK today, if not the world. They cost as little as £250 a window and that comes double glazed with high quality glass and glazing and an expert installer. The uPVC extrusions are now guaranteed for 10 to 12 years and as far as maintenance goes, they simply need a clean every couple of months so the dirt can’t get into the plastic grain and spoil the look of them.

Looking at the casement window pictured, we can see the stiles aren’t quite as slender as timber, but overall in the correct opening this looks very nice. This installation is a clear example of where uPVC casements really comes into it’s own.

uPVC casement window wood grain effect looking very nice.

This is the wood grain extrusion. You can also get wood grain and colour versions. They do cost more but it’s all down to personal preference and what makes sense for your property. If you think you’re likely to remain in this property for many years to come and want to personalise it that’s great.

On the other hand your plan is to sell the property shortly after installing it’s always best to remain neutral going for a high spec white plastic extrusion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve showcased the wooden extrusion because I really like it, but that’s just a personal preference and not something I would be looking to do if I were into property renovation for resale.

If you look at the new brick surrounds, the casement window fits in very nicely with the overall modern feel and this really does look and feel right. Given the window pictured only costed the client £680 with two functioning hinged casements it really was a great deal.

Aluminium Casement Windows

The greatest benefit of aluminium is without doubt it’s ability to last a lifetime and then of course you can keep the stiles narrow and relatively elegant. The powder coat paint bonds incredibly well to the metal surface, in the same way as car paint is laid on.

Take a look at this aluminium casement window below:

Aluminium Casement Window with slender profiles.

The slender profiles allow for more glass surface area and as a result, more light into your property. This is a big plus if you have a property with light coming from only one direction, even a few inches makes a significant difference to the overall light.

There are so many options with casement windows that it makes a great deal of sense to contact us today for a free no obligation batch of quotes. It takes just a couple of minutes and with our trade price deals and the competition between companies, you can save as much as 35% on traditional like for like quotes. That’s money back in the pocket.