Bay Windows

Looking for windows that bring an abundance of light while looking attractive for your new home or office?

Continue reading more to find about bay windows that can do just that for your space.

What are bay windows?

Bay Windows are Victorian style windows that are known to be visually appealing. Their large surface area tends to let more light through into a room, making it look much more spacious. These are similar to Bow windows, but are curved slightly more. There are several benefits to adding bay windows to your home.

Natural Light – Due to their curved nature, bay windows bring in additional light into spaces than a regular window would.

Customisation – Bay windows come in a variety of options from number of panes, material, etc.

Appearance – They are inspired by Victorian style architecture providing an elegant and chic vibe to any space, especially by making the room look much bigger than it really is.

Ventilation – Since there are many panes of glass on bay windows, there are several openings to ventilate fresh air into your space.

Durability – Bay windows are designed to resist several different weather conditions such as rain, storm, hail, etc., making them long lasting and easy to maintain over periods of long time.

Additional space: Due to bay windows being implemented on curved spaces, there tends to be more space left in the room, which can be a huge advantage, special to smaller more confined rooms.

Views – The large glass panes provide spectacular views from outside your home.

Safety – These windows come with safety locks as well as a seal, glazing can also be toughened or safety laminate glass.

How much do bay windows cost?

The price of bay windows varies greatly based on several different factors due to their high customisability.

Size of glass panes – The larger the glass panes, the higher the price, this isn’t a linear scale though.
Number of panes – The more panes used, the more a bay window will cost you.
Finish – Windows made of uPVC material comes in a white finish and a woodgrain finish. Windows with woodgrain uPVC tend to cost slightly more.
Glazing – The more layers of glaze on your window, the higher the protection, and the higher the price.
Supplier – The cost of purchasing bay windows can depend heavily on your location and the supplier you choose.
Material – uPVC is the most common and affordable material for Bay windows.

If you are interested in buying a white uPVC bay window, one with 3 panels will cost you £950 – £1,250, one with 4 panels will be £1,300 – £1,600, and one with 5 panels will cost £1,950 – £2,300. uPVC windows are normally a cost effective option.

For a uPVC bay window in a woodgrain finish, the cost of a window with 3 panes will be around £1,100 – £1,350, one with 4 panels will cost £1,450 – £1,850, and the cost of one with 5 panes will range from £1,800 to £2,500.

The prices noted include installation costs.

To give you a further estimate, the cost double glazed uPVC can be from £1,500 to £3,000 excluding installation costs. However, the overall cost is also highly dependent on your location and the supplier you choose.

Are bay windows appropriate for your home?

If you are looking to add more space into the rooms of your house, to make them look bigger, and provide more sunshine, then bay windows are definitely for you. Not only can they make your rooms look spacious, but you can customise your windows to be exactly the way you want them to be or fit the walls of your rooms perfectly. If the rooms in your houses are completely different from each other, you can adjust the number of panes and the angles they are bent at to create the perfect fit for each room with a common theme of appearance. You can further customise the type of glass, the type of finish, the direction your windows open it, and much more. The versatility and beauty of these windows make them a popular choice amongst consumers who are willing to splurge to get the best windows for their home.

Alternatives to bay windows

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If you desire simpler and more affordable windows, then click here for sash windows and here for casement windows. Splurging on windows may not be your thing, so these windows can be more suitable for your home or office due to their affordability.

Alternatively, click here to check out a complete guide on different types of windows we have assembled with each of their features, pros and cons, and costs.

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Before buying new furniture for your new home or office, we recommend you research on each product to find the ideal fit. Look into and compare the different window types, their functions, cost, not to forget different suppliers. Not doing this research can easily result in you overpaying for your windows and not being satisfied with your purchase. Additionally, you can consult a professional to help you find the best fit for your home. If you are interested in purchasing bay windows, we recommend you click here to get free quotes from 4 different suppliers in your area.