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Windows can be beautiful and function amazingly in the same breathe but the wrong selection will upset the balance of your home. You’re looking for someone to trust on the web that’ll give you that impartial advice with no big sell. You’re looking for comprehensive, unbiased windows advice. Professionals that make sure your home get’s the windows it needs. That’s us! Only Windows.

Would you like to pick how many independent verified and trusted quotes you receive hassle free?

You don’t want a life story sold with your windows?

Don’t spend valuable time researching for suppliers that might not even call back?

You just want three to five decent, honest local windows quotes?

Only Windows has pooled together the largest selection of local window installers and window manufacturers all over the UK that pass stringent checks of quality and care to quote for your window replacement, repairs, upgrades, and more.

Having a large number of window professionals all in one place takes the stress out of quoting and assures the right price and service first time. By delivering the same information to all window quoting companies, you ensure the same spec which makes comparing windows quotes much more straight forward.

Where to start with new windows

Before you buy windows for your home, you should think about all the choices and subsequent costs, there’s really not too much to it:

  • Do my windows need replacing?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What windows are best for my home?
  • What issues arise from new windows?

How much do windows cost ?

Typical windows in the UK range from £250 to around £4000 per window which isn’t very helpful at all so we need to go through all factors that will affect costs and the most notable:

Type of windows

  1. These range from sash windows, mock sash, casement windows, tilt & turn windows, pivot, bay windows, transom and sliders)
  2. Size.
  3. Glass(single glazed, doubletriple, obscure, energy efficient, security, acoustic).
  4. Security (Bars, Grilled, Shutters, Locks).
  5. Varying installation costs.
  6. Windows Materials (Wooden(Hardwood, Softwood, Accoya), uPVC, Aluminium).

To understand pricing more accurately it would be worth taking a look at our double glazing cost and window prices write ups.

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What’s the best window for my home?

With so many window styles and costs it’s hard to judge the balance between cost and quality. Your windows also need to be sensibly priced; not breaking the bank. To help you make the right decision we’ve taken a close look at the most common new windows:

Sash Windows are by far the most elegant and beautifully functioning. They clean well and ventilate rooms perfectly allowing cold air to enter through the lower part of the window and hot air to escape at the top creating ideal circulation and air quality within your property. If you own a period property it would be wise to carefully consider these windows.

Double Glazed Windows come in the form of wood, uPVC, and aluminium and are generally well priced. They offer best value for money in terms of function and aesthetics for more modern homes

Casement Windows also are wooden, uPVC, or aluminium. They are a cheaper alternative to sash windows as they don’t have the mechanism. Bare in mind this doesn’t mean they have to open outwards, they can open in for cleaning convenience too. Here’s a look at a powder grey aluminium casement.

UPVC Windows are the least elegant but cheapest of all new windows. In the right home they can look great and save thousands when compared to wooden sash windows.

What issues arise from new windows?

In April 2012, came the launch of new building requirement part-L. This mean’t all new windows would need a building control sign off or a self certified installer that could provide the homeowner with a certificate proving the install thermal efficiency was met the correctly.

Without this piece of paper many homeowners struggle to complete on homes. Make sure that if you decide to self install, you have the efficiencies of all windows and glazing in writing. If you decide to use an installer, check that he is accredited by Certass or Fensa.

If you decide to self install then guarantees normally differ. A professional installer will provide you with a ten year insurance backed guarantee in the event they close down prior to this period expiring.

The biggest pitfall of all would be to check that your windows actually need fully replacing and are not in serviceable condition.

Do my windows need repair or replacing?

Many older wooden windows are very economical to repair. It’s normally the more modern uPVC and aluminium windows that’ll need replacement entirely. You should still check though; double glazing repairs are also very viable and can save a great deal of money especially if it’s just the odd pane of glass misted up.

Window repair is common and there are plenty of companies that will help with a lower cost option. In these situation site assessment or at a minimum pictures are required to quote as each case is far more specific. Replacing windows leaves far fewer variables. Here’s a table showing common problems and potential benefits associated with repair or replacement:

Advantages and disadvantages of replacing my windows
Benefits Disadvantages
New windows do not need maintenance. Original period windows look beautiful.
New windows will considerably improve the warmth of a home. Replacement windows are more expensive than repair.
New windows will reduce noise pollution. Depending on the install there might be lengthy planning permission.
Improved security features. Installing the wrong windows could make a mess of your home.
Uprated glass safer for children.
Improved home energy rating.

Only Windows provide free and no obligation service that puts you directly in touch with the best windows experts in the industry. Being window professionals ourselves you have the piece of mind that we can help with any issues that might come up between and the safety that we know how to carefully select companies to quote for your new windows. Our form is easy to fill in and we recommend you specify your preferred contact method of email or call. You will not be contacted a dozen times a day with pressure selling tactics. You’ll receive three or four company offers. Site visits last between 10 and 45 minutes and there’s absolutely no obligation to purchase. With a 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind there’s nothing to lose but a little time and we might save you thousands on your new windows!

6 steps to your new windows

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